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Boat oars, paddles and rowlocks to improve safety on the water

If you’re looking to secure boat oars and rowlock fittings, then Marine Depot is the shop for you. We stock a wide range of boat oars with locks to suit various different boat types, so you can find everything you need in one convenient place. 

With ZipMoney and ZipPay available, shopping online with Marine Depot couldn’t be easier. Explore our collection and find oars to keep your boat safe!

Why do I need boat oars?

Whether you're out for a leisurely boat ride or fishing, boat oars with locks are essential for keeping your boat in place. Locking boat oars provides better control and stability during maneuvering so you can stay focused on the task. 

Whether you have an inflatable or motor yacht, Marine Depot offers boat oars with rowlocks to suit every vessel. Don't let your adventure be cut short. Arm yourself with the right equipment, and make sure to stay safe on the water!

What to look for when shopping for boat oars

When shopping for boat oars, you should look for oars that fit the rowlock fittings of your boat. Ensure they are made from high-quality materials and can withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments. You should also check if the oar lock is adjustable to accommodate different size users. 

Finally, if you plan on rowing in any type of rapid or turbulent waters, make sure to choose oars with strong locking mechanisms to ensure lasting security and performance. 

At Marine Depot, we understand that finding the right boat oar with a quality locking system is essential for safe and secure boating, which is why we stock premium boat oars, paddles and rowlocks from leading brands like BLA, Relaxn, RWB Marine, and SAW. Browse through our collection and shop online for fast Australian shipping. 

FAQs about boat oars and rowlocks

  • How long do boat oars with locks last?

    With proper maintenance, boat oars with locks should last for many years. We recommend regular cleaning and checking of fittings for maximum longevity.
  • How do I choose the right rowlocks for my boat?

    When selecting boat oar locks, consider the size and weight of your boat. It’s also important to ensure that your boat oar lock is compatible with rowlock fittings. If you’re unsure what kind of oar stops and locks to choose, be sure to reach out to our team of experts! We can answer your questions and help you find the right locking system for your oars.
  • Are rowlock fittings easy to install? 

Yes! Our boat oars with locks come pre-fitted and are designed for easy installation; no tools or special skills are required.

Shop boat oars and rowlock fittings online with Marine Depot!

Marine Depot is the one-stop shop for the boating enthusiast who needs oars with locks. Our extensive selection of oars is designed to fit any vessel type and is perfect for rowing enthusiasts who want ultimate control over their boats. 

If you need help making the purchase, our friendly customer service team can assist with finding the right product for you. Get in touch online, or shop online now for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia.

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