Lifejacket Accessories

Improve safety on board with our range of life jacket accessories!

Life jacket accessories can give you and your family extra safety on the water, which is why we stock a huge range of accessories, including safety labels, stickers and adhesives, storage bags, inflation canisters and more. Sourced from premium boating safety brands like SAW , BLA and Humminbird , you can have peace of mind knowing your life jackets are prepped and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Essential life jacket accessories to add to your collection

To ensure your family is as safe as possible on the water, we recommend investing in essential life jacket accessories like the Relaxn LED Solas Life Jacket Light. This light is activated automatically as soon as it’s immersed in water — once activated, the lighting mode can be switched from flashing to steady, SOS and off.

This is a must-have for boaters who love cruising at night but can also be crucial for flagging down help if you’ve fallen overboard at any time of the day.

We also offer the BLA Life Jacket PFD Storage Bag , where you can keep all of your life jackets in one place. The bright orange colour of the bag ensures you can easily and quickly find your life jacket when needed. Plus, it can hold up to four level 100 jackets.

The importance of life jacket labels

Safety is always the first priority when out on the water, and life jacket labels can add an extra layer of protection.

Our life jacket labels clearly display relevant safety information such as life jacket type, size and serial numbers. This helps to identify life jackets in an emergency situation quickly, so you can be sure you're equipped with the best life jacket for the job.

Life jacket labels also help to remind you of regular lifejacket maintenance so that you can stay safe out on the water.

Browse through our collection of life jacket labels and secure your safety today!

Are life jacket accessories expensive?

Absolutely not! At Marine Depot, water safety is one of our top priorities, so we keep our costs low to ensure every boater has the life jackets and accessories they need to stay safe on the water. None of our life jacket accessories is over $50 for cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Shop life jacket accessories online at Marine Depot!

Safety is paramount in life jackets, which is why we stock an excellent range of life jacket accessories to provide you with additional peace of mind. From lights and labels to storage bags and more, our life jacket accessories are designed to make your life jackets even safer.

Shop life jacket accessories online at Marine Depot! We offer fast shipping throughout Australia and flexible payment options like ZipMoney and ZipPay. Safety has never been more affordable.

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