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Take your fishing game to the next level with our huge range of trolling gear

When it comes to fishing, you’re only as good as your gear. Faulty, imprecise or poorly-made gear can mean the difference between getting the catch of the day and coming home empty-handed.

From quick-release clips to rail mounts, motor mounts, downrigger weights and more, we've got everything you need for your next successful trolling trip. Order online today for fast shipping on our full range of trolling gear Australia-wide!

When should you use the trolling fishing method?

Trolling is a method of fishing where you tow your baited line behind your boat. This can be done with multiple lines, each with its own bait and lure. Trolling is an effective way to fish because it covers a large area and allows you to target a variety of fish species.

There are many different types of fish that can be caught using the trolling method in Australia. Some of the most popular include:

• Salmon
• Trout
• Mackerel
• Flathead
• Kingfish
• Blackfish

Trolling can be used to catch fish of all sizes and is a great way to discover their feeding spots. Make the most of your next fishing trip with our high-quality, long-lasting trolling gear — order online today!

FAQs about trolling fishing gear

• What are some essential items required for trolling fishing?

Whether you’re fishing offshore or chasing small fry, there are a handful of essential items we recommend for your next trolling fishing trip.

Quality rods. Trolling uses multiple rods to lure as many fish as possible in the same area. We recommend taking at least two or three rods with you, but most trolling boats can have up to six rods total. Standard rods are fine for freshwater trolling, but we recommend heavier rods for larger offshore fish.

Riggers. Multiple rods require riggers to be operated autonomously. When it comes to riggers, there are two options available: outriggers and downriggers.

Outriggers can have multiple lines attached to the same rig and are easy to fit onto the side of most boats. Outriggers are designed to reach further out into the water, which means you can get your bait in front of fish away from the noise and spray of your engine.

Downriggers are similar to outriggers but are designed to delve deeper under the surface. The line is connected to a heavy weight that lowers them beneath the surface, suitable for both freshwater and offshore fishing. Because of their extra weight, downriggers are generally more expensive than outriggers.

Line. Each type of line has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the type of fish you’re chasing. Line made with monofilament is generally a good choice for high-speed trolling, as it provides excellent stretch capacity for catching bigger fish. For downriggers, we recommend braided lines because of their additional strength and lower buoyancy.

• How much does shipping cost?

We offer flat rate shipping for all orders. Spend over $499 and we’ll upgrade your order to free shipping!

Some large and bulky items in our range are unable to be delivered with free shipping if they’re being delivered to remote areas. We’ll let you know if your order does not qualify for free shipping and provide you with an accurate shipping cost for your items.

We aim to dispatch all items from our warehouse within 2-5 days of receiving your order. During busy periods such as holidays, your items may take longer to dispatch. We recommend ordering your item at least 10 business days before your desired date of arrival.

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