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Fuel up with our range of sturdy, secure boat fuel tanks, suitable for outboard and inboard motors

Take the hassle out of keeping your boat fueled up with our range of sturdy, reliable boat fuel tanks. Whether you're spending all day on the water or heading out for a quick spin, our tanks will keep you fueled up and ready to hit the seas.

Our boat fuel tanks are designed to meet the highest safety standards and offer long-lasting performance, no matter the weather. Plus, they come with simple installation instructions that make them easy to attach to any boat or marine vessel. 

With quality materials, reinforced construction and unbeatable prices, we've got the right fuel and engine supplies for you. We offer Zip Money and Zip Pay payment options, so you can get your new fuel tank now and pay it off over time. Plus, we offer fast shipping on boat fuel tanks Australia-wide, making it easier than ever to get a new boat fuel tank for your next adventure! Shop online and discover our range today.

Save space with our convenient boat underfloor fuel tanks, available in a range of convenient sizes

At Marine Depot, we stock a huge range of reliable marine fuel tanks from leading brands including Sam Allen, BLA, Scepter and more. Whether you're looking for a large tank for long journeys or something small and lightweight for short rides, we've got you covered.

Our range of boat fuel tanks is available in sturdy aluminium and lightweight polyethylene materials, both of which can stand up against the harsh weather conditions on your boat.

Aluminium boat fuel tanks. Aluminium tanks offer a lightweight and corrosion-resistant option for boat storage. Their durable construction provides reliable containment, making them ideal for both recreational and commercial marine vessels. Aluminium tanks are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different boat models. These tanks can also be serviced with additional fittings such as hoses, pumps, valves, and filters. 

Polyethylene boat fuel tanks. Polyethylene tanks are known for their strength and durability compared to standard plastic. They are more flexible than aluminium, allowing them to fit into tight spaces on your boat. Polyethylene boat fuel tanks have excellent impact resistance, so they will withstand the wear of rough water over time better than aluminium or steel boat fuel tanks. Polyethylene boat fuel tanks are also non-corrosive, so they will not rust or corrode easily. 

Both aluminium and polyethylene boat fuel tanks offer reliable containment for marine vessels. Aluminium boat fuel tanks provide a lightweight option that is resistant to corrosion, while polyethylene boat fuel tanks offer solid impact resistance and excellent strength for more demanding conditions. For easy storage, our range of polyethylene boat underfloor fuel tanks can be stored under seats, benches and other surfaces to avoid cramping your space. 

Not sure which type of tank material to choose? Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you pick the right marine fuel tank for your boat. 

How to know if your boat fuel tank needs replacing

If you're a boat owner, it's important to regularly check your marine fuel tank for any signs of wear and tear. It may be time to invest in a new tank if you notice any of the following signs. 

  • Leaks or seepage from around the seals. This is usually caused by corrosion and can lead to other problems down the line.
  • Blistering or pitting on the surface of the tank. This could indicate that there is moisture inside the tank, compromising its structural integrity.
  • Cracks or splits in the material itself. Even small imperfections can have major consequences when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures at sea.
  • Warping or bulging of the tank that wasn't present before.

Checking these signs regularly will help ensure your boat fuel tank remains secure and reliable when navigating on the open waters. 

FAQs about marine fuel tanks

What sizes are your marine fuel tanks available in?

At Marine Depot, we know how important it is to find the right size fuel tank for your next journey. Our fuel tanks are available in a selection of sizes ranging from 5 litres to 140 litres, so you can find the right fit for your outings. Plus, our boat underfloor fuel tanks are made with lightweight, flexible polyethylene that can be easily and conveniently stored under your seats as needed. 

Is polyethylene a durable material for boat fuel tanks?

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer that has become one of the most common plastics used in the world today, with applications ranging from food packaging to fuel tanks. Thanks to its strong resistance to chemical and environmental degradation, polyethylene is also an excellent material for marine fuel tanks. 

This high-density plastic is extremely durable and can stand up against sunlight, UV rays, saltwater and other harsh marine environments. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it perfect for boat fuel tanks that need to stay in pristine condition. Polyethylene is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it easy to move between spots on your deck as needed. 

Can the fuel in my tank expire?

Yes. If you don't use your boat often, the fuel can go bad in as little time as three to four weeks. This is especially relevant if your boat is being kept in warm weather conditions. Degraded fuel can cause clogging in the fuel system which can end up being costly to repair if not caught early enough. 

To avoid this issue, try and top off your tank with fresh gasoline once a month. Doing so will help extend the storage life of your fuel and also restore any volatile components that have disappeared.

How often should I check the boat's fuel tank?

We recommend checking your boat's fuel tank at least once every few months or before any long trips. This prevents common issues such as expired fuel or fuel blockages from occurring in your tank and causing costly issues with your motor. We also suggest making sure all your components are in good working order and that you have enough fuel before heading out on your journey. 

How can I tell when my boat's fuel tank needs to be refilled? 

Checking the level of fuel in your tank regularly is the best way to ensure you never run out while out on the water. Tanks such as the Sam Allen 24L Fuel Tank come with fuel measurers built into the side of the tank, which makes it easy to check when you’re due for a refill. 

How often should I replace my boat fuel tank?

It's recommended to replace your boat fuel tank every 3-5 years, depending on use and maintenance. Inspecting it regularly will ensure you can spot any signs of wear or damage before they become a problem. 

What should I do if I have a leak in my boat fuel tank?

Any leaks in marine fuel tanks should be attended to immediately as this could lead to major problems over time. Make sure all connections are secure and check for any cracks or damage that could be causing the leak. Leaking fuel tanks should be replaced as soon as possible. 

What safety precautions should I take when using a boat fuel tank? 

Always make sure you are using boat fuel specifically formulated for marine engines and that all connections are secure. Do not smoke or have open flames nearby when operating the boat fuel tank, and always keep fumes away from any ignition sources. 

We ship our boat fuel tanks Australia-wide — Shop online today and find the right size tank for your boat

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