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A huge range of boat canopy fittings and products available online

Whether you're a seasoned boat owner or just starting out, our boat canopy fittings are a must-have for keeping your vessel protected and looking its best. Our selection of boat canopy fittings includes poles, brackets, clamps, and fasteners made from durable materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. 

We carry a variety of sizes and styles to fit different types of boats and canopies, ensuring that you can find the right fittings for your specific needs.

Shop boat canopy fittings online for fast, affordable shipping nationwide. Alternatively, contact our team for expert recommendations and advice about canopy fittings. We’ll help find parts that meet your vessel’s unique specifications. 

Essential boat canopy fittings and accessories for your vessel

Boat canopy fittings are the hardware components that attach and secure a canopy or cover to a boat. These fittings typically include poles, brackets, clamps, screws, and fasteners designed to securely hold the canopy in place, even in rough waters.

Several different boat canopy fittings and accessories are available, each designed for specific types of boats and canopies. Some common fittings include:

  • Poles: Canopy poles are typically made from aluminium or stainless steel and come in different lengths and diameters to accommodate different boat sizes and canopy heights.
  • Brackets: Canopy brackets are used to secure the poles to the boat. These can be either fixed or adjustable, depending on the boat's shape and size.
  • Clamps: Canopy clamps are used to hold the canopy's fabric to the poles or brackets. These can be either screw-on or snap-on types, depending on the canopy's design and the boat owner's preference.
  • Fasteners: Canopy fasteners are used to secure the canopy to the boat's structure. These can include snaps, hooks, and buckles, typically made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

When choosing boat canopy fittings, it's important to select components compatible with the specific type of canopy and boat being used. Proper installation and maintenance of these fittings can help ensure the canopy remains securely in place and protects the boat from the elements.

We stock a huge range of boat canopy fittings — shop online for fast, affordable shipping Australia-wide!

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