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Keep your boat in prime condition with our range of boat bungs!

Are you looking for a reliable way to keep your boat dry, clean and safe during storage? Boat bungs are an essential part of any boater’s toolkit. Boat bungs, also known as bung plugs or boat drain plugs, can quickly and easily remove any water accumulated at the transom of your vessel during storage.

Bung plugs are designed to be tamper-proof, making it difficult for water and debris to enter the boat when not in use. They come in various shapes and sizes so that you can find the right fit for your particular boat model.

Shop for top-quality bung plugs online today using Zip Money or Zip Pay and get your boat ready for the water. With a secure fit, you can rest assured that your vessel will stay dry until needed. Check out our selection of boat bungs today!

Various boat drain plugs to choose from online

When it comes to boat bungs, there are a few different options available. The most common type is a standard thread pattern plug that fits into the side of your boat and has an o-ring seal for tight fitment. 

You can also find mushroom or pop-up plugs that use a lever system to open and close the drain hole. These are often used on larger boats and can be beneficial if you don't want to carry a separate plug for each size hole. 

Screw-in bung plugs provide a secure and watertight seal without needing an o-ring. Alternatively, you might opt for inflatable bungs that fit into most transom sizes. These can be deflated and removed when the boat is in storage, allowing easier water draining. 

At Marine Depot, we offer a range of bung plugs in different styles, sizes, materials and designs. Shop bung plugs and accessories online — we offer fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia. 

FAQs about boat bungs

  • Why do I need a boat bung plug?

    Boat bungs are essential for keeping the inside of your boat dry and preventing water from entering. It's important to use a boat bung whenever you're not actively using your boat, as it will help keep your boat's interior free from any potential water damage.
  • How do I install a bung plug?

    Installing it is easy! All you need to do is lower the bung plug into the transom and ensure it’s securely closed. Your boat will be protected from unwanted water seepage, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your boat is safe during storage.
  • What materials are available?

    Boat bungs are usually constructed from durable rubber, PVC, and brass materials. You should select one that matches the material of your boat for the best fit and a tight seal.
  • Do I need to check on my bung plugs?

    Yes. Regularly checking your boat bungs is important to ensure they are still in place and correctly tightened. This will help prevent water from entering your boat, especially when stored away for long periods of time. Plus, if your boat bung becomes damaged or worn out, it may need to be replaced. Checking regularly can help you identify any potential problems before they become too severe.
  • Do boats usually come with a bung plug?

    Bung plugs are not typically included when purchasing a boat. However, they are highly recommended if you will be storing your boat in the water for extended periods of time.

Shop bung plugs online at Marine Depot  

When it comes to keeping your boat safe and dry in storage, bung plugs are a must-have, as they help you drain the water from your transom quickly and easily. 

Now, you can purchase bung plugs online with Zip Money or Zip Pay — making it more convenient than ever to take care of your boat! Whether you're looking for a boat drain plug or a more traditional bung, we've got you covered. Shop now and keep your boat safe!

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