Marine Bus Bars & Terminal Blocks

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Reliable marine bus bar systems & terminal blocks from high-performance brands

If you're looking for an efficient and reliable marine power solution, a marine bus bar (12v or 24v) is the answer. They provide a convenient way to distribute power from one source to all parts of your vessel, allowing you to customise and control the flow of energy. 

With various models available in 12V or 24V, marine bus bars can be used for everything from powering gauges to running electrical systems.

Our marine bus bars are designed for durability and dependability, making them ideal for all marine applications. Ensure your boat is equipped with the necessary power so that you can enjoy safe and comfortable trips on the water — shop marine bus bars online at Marine Depot today!

The benefits of installing a 12v bus bar system

Using a marine bus bar can improve your vessel's electrical system's safety, reliability and efficiency by providing consistent and stable power throughout the entire vessel without having to run individual wires to each device or appliance. This results in less clutter, easier maintenance and improved performance. 

Plus, marine bus bars come in various models, so you can tailor your system to meet your needs. 

What to look for in a marine bus bar

When looking for a marine bus bar system, it's important to consider the application, e.g. the type of vessel you have, the size of your electrical system, and how many devices need to be powered onboard. 

You should consider the performance requirements of your vessel, as some models of marine bus bars can handle higher amperage than others. It’s also important to check the power entry specifications, like whether or not the bus bar has an integrated fuse panel. 

Finally, ensure that you choose a product from a reputable brand with a good track record of providing quality products. At Marine Depot, we stock high-performance brands like BEP, BLA, Blue Sea Systems, Relaxn, RWB Marine, and SAW.

FAQs about marine bus bars

  • Why do they call it a “bus bar”?

    The term “busbar” comes from the Latin word “omnibus”, which translates to “for all”, indicating that busbars carry all of the currents in a particular system.
  • Are marine bus bars available in different sizes? 

Yes, marine bus bars are available in a variety of sizes and specifications depending on what is required for your marine vessel’s power system. Generally, bus bars range from 12V to 24V DC or higher. 

  • Are bus bars hard to install?

    Connecting devices to your marine bus bar should be done with care, as this can cause damage if not done correctly. Consult a marine electrician or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more information on connecting cables safely and efficiently. 
  • What kind of marine cable should I use to connect my bus bar?

    It is important to choose a marine-grade cable that is suitable for outdoor applications, including saltwater or brackish water, as well as other extreme weather conditions like ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures. 
  • How do I maintain my marine bus bar?

    A marine bus bar should be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion or damage, such as loose connections or frayed wiring. Additionally, it is important to keep the marine bus bar clean to ensure optimal performance and safety. 
  • Are bus bars expensive?

    No! We price our bus bars and accessories reasonably and offer convenient payment options like ZipMoney and ZipPay to ensure you can install a marine bar without breaking the bank.
  • What are terminal blocks?

    Terminal blocks are modular blocks with insulated frames connecting two or more wires. These blocks come in a range of shapes and sizes but always “terminate” a single wire (single pole) and are never multi-pole. 

With our range of terminal blocks and marine bus bars, you can easily connect multiple circuits and reduce the risk of overheating or short-circuiting. 

Shop 24v and 12v bus bars online at Marine Depot!

A marine bus bar is an essential component of any marine vessel, allowing power to be delivered to all parts of your boat. Whether you're looking for a 12v bus bar or a higher amperage model, you can always find what you need online at Marine Depot. 

With ZipMoney and ZipPay, online shopping for bus bars has never been easier. Now you can get the marine supplies you need without breaking the bank! 

Order marine bus bars online today and get back out on the water in no time.

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