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Keep your vessel in ship-shape with our extensive range of boat drains and accessories

Boat drains are not something boat owners should overlook when it comes to boat maintenance. Even the smallest boat drain can be an important part of keeping your boat in good condition, as they ensure that any water or debris entering the boat is quickly removed. If a boat drain fails, you could end up with serious damage. 

It's essential to ensure drains are always in good working order. Shop an extensive range of boat drains online at Marine Depot — we offer Zip Money and Zip Pay so you can get the necessary equipment without breaking the bank. 

Do I really need a boat drain?

Boat drains are vital to your boat and serve various important functions. They help maintain your boat’s water balance, keeping it afloat by allowing excess water to flow out of it and preventing it from taking on too much. 

They also help keep the boat clean, as debris can be flushed out with the draining water. Additionally, boat drains help to protect the boat from damage caused by corrosion and rot as they allow water to escape from areas like the boat’s bilge or engine compartment. 

Without boat drains, your boat could risk serious damage or even sinking! 

Boat drains vs boat bungs: what’s the difference?

Boat drains and boat bungs serve two different purposes on your boat. Boat drains are used to drain excess water from the boat, while boat bungs are used to plug up any holes or openings in the boat. 

Boat drains come in various sizes and shapes so that you can choose the most suitable one for your boat. They are typically made of plastic or stainless steel and can be opened and closed as needed. 

On the other hand, boat bungs are used to seal off any openings in your boat that could cause water ingress. They’re usually made of rubber materials and come in various sizes so that you can find the most suitable one for your boat. 

At Marine Depot, we stock boat bungs and drains for vessels of all shapes, sizes and designs. Find plugs and drains to keep your vessel afloat — we offer fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia.

FAQs about boat drains  

Boat drains are an integral part of boat maintenance — but what should you know before investing in one? Here are some FAQs that can help. 

  • What kind of drain do I need?

    The type of drain you need depends on the size and shape of your boat, as well as your boat's purpose. Generally, boat drains come in three types: through-hull, transom, and deck boat drains.

    Through-hull drains are installed on the hull of your boat, usually near the boat's waterline. They are designed to allow any accumulated water within the boat to be released quickly and safely.

    Transom drains are typically installed at the back of your boat, near the transom or stern. They are often used as an additional means of releasing excess water from your boat and helping prevent cavitation.

    A deck drain is installed near the boat's deck and helps to remove any excess water that may have accumulated there. They are also used to help reduce splashing while boating.
  • How do I install a drain?

    Installing boat drains can be a tricky process, so it's best to consult a professional if you're unsure of how to go about doing it yourself. Generally, drain installation requires some drilling and cutting into the boat hull, so it's important to take your time and ensure it’s installed correctly.
  • How often do I need to check my boat drain?

    We recommend checking your drain at least once per season or more frequently if required. You should check for any signs of wear or damage, as well as make sure the boat drain is properly sealed.
  • What should I do if my boat drain gets blocked?

    If your boat drain becomes blocked, unblocking it as soon as possible is important. You can use a boat pump or vacuum to remove any debris that has built up. If the blockage is more severe, you may need to consult a professional boat maintenance company. 

Shop boat drains online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia  

Keeping boat drains in good condition is essential for maintaining your vessel and avoiding potential issues. Investing in boat drains online with Marine Depot makes it simple and convenient to stay on top of your boat's maintenance needs, ensuring a safer and smoother ride every time you hit the water. 

Don't get caught out without working boat drains — make sure you're prepared for your next boating adventure. Shop online with Marine Depot today!

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